The Female Edition of Awesomeness: Comics, Cosplayers and Women Who Are Behind The Scene In The Industry.

I could really add myself in this edition but I won’t. I think that would be self centred.         At least everyone knows my story by now.

This edition isn’t about me. This is about the awesomeness that most people may or may not know about these great ladies have been around for awhile. I would say that they are making a official name outside the genre of just being noticed at Cons and we all have crossed paths with them but never knew at the time, until now. This is who I think is amazing on my list and deserves to be here!

Sam Maggs  

If you have never met this ginger before, well you have now. She is one of the Pre-screening ladies before the movies at Cineplex Odeon. Before this, she was a cosplayer herself. That is how I heard about her through the same circle. I heard about her during my second year at Fan Expo. I heard more of her between the year between my attendance at Fan Expo and Toronto Comicon. I heard really positive things about her and that intrigued me who she was.  Two years later and a lot of patience. I finally meet her in person at this years Toronto Comicon dressed as a cross clone from Orphan Black. Helena mixed as Katja. I happened lucky to meet her with the other clones I was sitting with when one of them says “Hello” to Sam Maggs, who was sitting with another group of ladies at the time. I go, oh man I jumped up and was over excited, adrenaline kicked in and I said “oh my god, is that you Sam Maggs?” or something along those lines, lol. I said it was me “SJRepsU, you possibly know from Twitter.” I think she says “oh hey, you, how are you” I say “it is finally a honour to meet you finally, I never thought possible that I would never meet you but here you are.” I think that she says “Yes same here, I thought it wasn’t possible either.” By luck we happen to be in the same place for the Orphan Black panel. I asked “can I get a photograph with you, please.” She says “sure” and this is the result of that meeting.

Comicon 2015 016 Comicon 2015 017

She is awesome and a real positive role model, not that because she replied to me on Twitter prior to meeting her because she is one real positive role model for Fan Girls, comic critics, Writer, Author to her new book The FanGirl’s Guide To The Galaxy (trailer coming soon….let’s say I make an appearance with other awesome girls and females as well),  Associate editor to The Mary Sue, Host of Cineplex Odeon Pre-Show, Geek and Fan girl awesomeness. I am blessed to have met her and may be I can say this is another great photo as well. Let’s just say these pics are just Superhero Girl/Women Awesomeness.

DSC01440 DSC01439

(Although I don’t have a picture with Sam Maggs mother, I had the pleasure to meet Nancy Maggs as well, and she follows me as well on Twitter. Thank you, you are a super hero and created a great superhero lady as well. I am very honoured to have you two amazing ladies following me, I feel blessed by chance for real!)

Flare’s Top 30 Under 30’s: Rachel Peabody and HopeLNicholson

  I haven’t met these lovely ladies in person. I recently purchased Flare’s cover with Tatiana Maslany and read the magazine from cover to cover. I ran into a article that was listing their version of Top 30 Under 30 list. Guess to my surprise I see Rachel Peabody who randomly followed me on Twitter, by chance and I followed back by reading her profile on her Twitter account and what she does. I thought that was amazing! At the time I didn’t know who was Hope L. Nicholson was, it did kick in later she was at the book trailer. I saw her and I thought, wow she was there and now in this article. It intrigued me, how did I miss that. LOL. I was in the same room with awesomeness and didn’t even know it. I read that they knew each other and they did a Kickstarter campaign to restore old comics. Which I had no idea that was even happening or even existed. I am really proud of these two ladies.

Thank you Rachel Peabody for discovering me on Twitter, you are doing amazing things for the comic world and bringing the interest of comics to all females. Thank you too Hope L. Nicholson for the follow as well. I love that although sort of meeting you but never introducing myself to you, we have a connection through sort of meeting each other in person but knowing Sam Maggs at different times. Funny how the internet works.

Clone Club Cosplayers (Toronto’s Own – Toronto Comicon) 

Tag their Twitter accounts or what they are known by through social media (I know their real names via Facebook) but for privacy and respect to them, I will tag them like this through their Instagram names: @carma_bee @minnnty @jackie_marion @cestmabiologie @creativee1337 @petraalexandra.

clones3 Clones 3

Thank you lovely ladies. I hope we could keep in touch. I appreciate that I found clone cosplayers this year. It felt really empty the last year I tried. So I am so grateful to discover you ladies. You have made my Comicon amazing this year. To meet fellow clonies felt so less lonely. I know although we live in separate places and do separate things in the places we live. I hope we keep in touch. You are all amazing and I hope to see you all in the future or as I like to say “the worldwide web.” You have contributed to Clone Club, Space and Orphan Black with amazingness.

Annabelle Pickering

Yes, I will put you on this list. Thank you. I am so grateful to know you on the worldwide web. Thank you for your contribution to sending me your beautiful art work. I am very appreciative of what you have shown me creatively artwork wise and shows you introduced me to. If it weren’t for you I would haven’t known what Carmilla The Webseries is. Plus, meet some amazing actors and actresses who didn’t even know who I was but because of your art work, I felt like a celebrity through you. Now they know who I am because of you, at least two of them follow me; and if it weren’t for you asking someone to get your things signed because they were hear at a festival, I wouldn’t have known any of that. I have to say I felt like I was representing for the both of us. I know you are one busy lady. Everyday as a fellow Canadian I love what you do as a artist and you continue to grow. If I ever met you in person, I would love to give you a huge HUG! Thank you for the video responses and correspondence.

Tracey aka PLAfulKatt

First person that I met at the Cons who was very hospitable to me. I guess it was by chance. You know how grateful I am that you caught me as Kato the first year and even writing a blog about me. I owe you a contribution to your existence to many other CON people who have the same interest.  Way before anyone knew I was Kato or before Kato became cool to dress up as, you caught me first. Thank you. I know things may have changed but you changed my life to attend more cons and get very interested in it. Now I feel more confident at attending these things and knowing the circles that we could run through at different cons in Toronto region. You have changed my aspect of what is Cosplay and given me a different aspect what is a Expo or a Comicon. Thank you Tracey! Thank you for introducing me to Expo Friends, Con-versation  and just fantastic other nerds.

Danielle Storey @storey_paint

I am honoured to have met you in person at Silver Snail. I was amazed that I got to meet you. Funny thing is that you sort of knew me when I told you who I was after our long conversation. I guess I have to say that you were the first female drawer I have met in person and got to have a long conversation with. I guess I would have to be honoured that you do such amazing work and your kickstarter campaign to get your story out with a historical sense. I see you working hard. Thanks to you, I am inspired to work hard to get somewhere. I guess you can say you re-kickstarter my interest in things.

Jamie Steinberg/Starry Mag

I bet we may never meet in person, but who knows… may be one day. I have heard of Jamie Steinberg in the past, which she was at Huffington Post I think, at the time. I could be wrong, she could correct me. After I think her leave at Huffington Post, I heard of this magazine of online content called Starry Mag. I never really got to follow it or look into it but I kept seeing it all over social media of pages I have visited online. It intrigued me and I read a few articles finally a couple of years back. I thought what a interesting page of insight on the online world that I could relate to. Finally were all fans could ask questions or just read articles about there favourite celebrity and be interactive. I thought that was amazing in itself. I thought I would follow them on Twitter. I never though expected to get a follow back in all honesty or even their contributor Jamie Steinberg. I was very surprised, but I am honoured to have a follow back and reading everything could take days. They know. So much content, so little time. Thanks for being so supportive and your expansion for the arts and entertainment is FANTASTIC!

Carmilla/U by Kotek, Smokebomb Entertainment/Shaftsubury Entertainment. 

You got a HUGE HIT on your hands. Ever since these smart people have cast such a amazing cast of actresses and actors in the adaptation of Sheridan Le Fanu. Fandom has gotten a little crazy. They know. The cast of the Carmilla series was picked at the right time and have a wonderful writing crazy in a good way TEAM. Seriously. You have given female empowerment to a whole new level. Although it is a webseries, you have led the way for just about everybody to love this series. The cast is amazing, you have created a whole new fandom out there of appreciation and sometimes craziness. LOL, those young people.

P.S. I have to give credit to them, everything they do there is just amazing. It is like anything now that comes out between Shaftsbury/Smokebomb Entertainment has lasted a long time. Hence – Murdoc Mysteries, The Listener, Long, Story Short, now Ms. Labelled. I don’t know what you can do wrong. you are everywhere. Even having Vervegirl TV have a hand in it, that is amazing.


I know you are one busy lady these days and getting back to what needs to done at hand. Thank you for your long time fan friendship. Ever since 1 Thing back in 2006, you have created not just a fan based of long dedicated people. You have now created a whole new generation with your YouTube channel Books, Beauty, Ameriie; you have made another generation of people who want to read and get to know you as a artist. I am glad though we may hear new music from you. Thank you for your continued generosity and amazing dedication to your fans.

Keshia Chante

I have to thank the KCRyders on this one. If it weren’t for them or Luvkcfansite. I think I wouldn’t had the multitude opportunity to meet you. I thank you for taking so many photo’s with you. I love every performance and everything you do everyday. No matter what it is. I appreciate all the music over the years and cannot wait to hear more from you music wise!

The Fan Base Runners: Shoutouts to Kamille LeCompt, JL Cognito, Andrea Petrovic, Jolien LBT, Astron Souls, Jessica Crail etc.

Thank you ladies, for supporting everything I do and post. Without you ladies even though really far away, you help me catch up on things I missed and you all post a lot/help me catch up. Thanks to everything you do. It is like we cross fandoms everytime I am online. Thanks for your continued support, love and all the post. I appreciate everything!

P.S. Jessica Crail, keep fighting the fight. I know you can survive and do everything in your power. Thanks for your continued support although I know you are sick!

Writers, Poets & Deviants

All of you are all talented and all of your writing skills are great. Shoutouts to Deborah Lamb, Mandy White and Diana Garcia. Also anyone who also is affiliated that I may have forgotten, thank you for letting me contribute to the book. I appreciate it!

Too all the women who do amazing work. Especially those who follow me on Twitter…. so many of you help me believe in the art of the entertainment, Thanks for finding me there. I don’t know how you found me but I am grateful you are part of my life!


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