X Company Season Finale “Into The Fire”

Well what can I say…. this Season Finale of X Company was dramatic and traumatic in my opinion. I cannot believe that this season is over. However, this explains a lot of how Alfred got captured when they first aired it. That was the surprise! Everything makes sense now. This episode shows how espionage and the price you have to pay by the trust you think you know or could be protected by the people you trust.

So this is how Alfred is in jail in the beginning and parts of the middle of season.

All the characters are fantastic and having Aurora as the lead to the guys is amazing. Thank you Evelyne Brochu for making the hard decisions for the team. You are amazing. I think though I was hoping that she would save Alfred played by Jack Laskey and his perfect memory is a gift and a curse. I cannot believe that this what happens to Alfred gets caught by the Germans and now they will want to know everything. I was hoping that Aurora would of shot him, I cannot believe that she didn’t. He wasn’t supposed to be captured alive. Now I think the second season that Alfred is caught he will be tortured for what he knows. Great job there Aurora for that. Now he may reveal things that he may know, I hope he gets saved. I knew though that Rene wasn’t dead. SURPRISE. Alfred is smart. The other characters are amazing. Neil, Harry and Tom help out the cast to be fantastic. They are the ones that make the show have their own story line and show that the team are diversified by showing everyone can be saved. Now that we know what really happens, I hope that Tom isn’t completely injured by saving the Jews with Neil by his side. Things though may get really tough because Harry trust Sioban when she saves him from his gun shot wounds from two episodes ago. “In Enemy Hands”.

So much drama there and to know now the team is divided and Aurora letting Alfred getting caught, may cause problems for Season 2.

Now that Duncan knows that Alfred was caught. He may panic and may call on Neil and Tom to save him with the Jews they are saving.

Theories on Season 2:

A possible panic between the team and may be Aurora will have to explain to Duncan why she let Alfred get caught and that could cause a rift in the team. I think possibly Neil and Tom may find out and they may risk their lives to save Alfred. I think Alfred won’t say anything, he may be tortured before he opens his mouth. I think he is very strong and it may be a surprise a lot of fans and viewers.


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