Quiet time in Pickering

As I sit in my car

I don’t hear the sound of nothingness

That surrounds me

With my windows down

I hear the sounds of the wind

The sound of seagulls become dominate

As they look for food in this parking lot

As they group together

With the noise they make

They find nothing to eat.

So they find other parking spaces to find

To occupy

Just to wait for litter that people throw outside

In order to rip to shreds what is left of crumbs

They can possibly find.

Other sounds that fill the town

Construction everywhere like every other town

Road work and improvements shut down lanes

Other avenues have to come to mind

When you come this way.

Welcome to Pickering

The town that is in between

Ajax, Scarborough and part of Toronto

This is the East side of things

Where less interesting things occur

Even though their might be shops

Around this area.

It isn’t really super busy on the roads

But people come by all across to see what at times

Is up with this town that is between the cities.

For quietness of things that can happen

And people may not know

Some people live here to get away from the busy places

Of the other major towns.


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