I Recruit You: My X Company Poem

The war and drama of espionage begins

Recruitment is essential

We got to get the best

Looking around to stay alive

Is tough enough already

But we need as many people we can have

We need you to fight against the resistance

And we need you on our side

We have to make the tough decisions

One that is hard to keep the humanity alive.

War is war, there will be casualties

And we need brave people to come serve us

In this War, I understand you may fear

But if you don’t fight along side us

We may not be around to live another day.

Information is ESSENTIAL and we need to fight the enemies who

Destroy everything and everyone they do not see fit.

That is why we need to recruit you

To join us in our Camp; Camp X,

We need you in our world,

So the enemy doesn’t live

To take the ones we know, the ones we love.

Survival is key

Training is key

Fear cannot exists in our existence

We must be strong

And fight for our rights and our freedoms

To win and that is where we need you.

Our freedom fighters at Camp X where we need strong people

To keep our territory ours.


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