Let Sci-Fi Courtesy of The Space Channel Begin

As we end one season of one great science paranormal season of Season 2 of Bitten

Just occurred

We get our fill in Canadian sense of how prideful we are with the returns.

Welcome back Salem it has been awhile since we last saw you awhile back

I have been waiting for the witches to return back after a long hiatus.

Where one war between Witches and Werwolves just ended on Season 2 of Bitten.

We see another has begun in Salem. 

If Witches turned on each other besides Bitten we see the fight between

The eldest story and history of not what you may or may not known about Salem itself

But we see the chain of the powers that Witches have in this powerful series

And in this town, the chain of command shows itself

And the time for war has resurfaced in this town where history

Of the witchcraft is well known.

The fight and power hasn’t just ended there but the control of town

Not sits and lies down with these supernatural origins of the many witches

Of Salem has an affect with all cultures that may have a hand in its existence

Trying to get witches out from this place but other kinds of culture

Like the many natives that try to protect that land

I don’t know how true it may have been to protect the sacred land

They try to keep holy as the witches try to dominate this town

But I think it could of been possible that its affect also crossed

Boston Massachusetts as well,

So that the state wouldn’t suffer the fate

And although the long battle to have the purity of the land

A show like this can depict for those who may have not stepped into a paranormal

State like this bring a show to its reality.

If that wasn’t enough of a war to you

Welcome to the trip, man

After the long hiatus

Orphan Black Returns finally,

I feel the gaps has been forever of this clone drama

Seems like forever

Oh man can I tell you

This Season 3 looks so dramatic then ever

The last 2 Seasons

We have war between the clones

That are self aware of each other

In Project Castor compared to the Project Leda/Topside who now have

More than they can handle.

We see the clones fight for survival

And what we may or may not know about them

Is that everything will slowly be revealed

About the multiple questions we have

About the intrigue we have about them

What happens when the divide of the Project Leda clones

Have to fight with the strong willed Project Castor clones

Who apparently knows more than Project Leda clones themselves

We see and face war.

Mrs. S. made a decision and that may just jeopardize everything

We thought would be positive.

We learn that not everyone we know we could trust

It seems that everyone isn’t what we thought

In a positive light who we thought they are in the last two season

And with the editions of other possible terrible people coming like

James Frain, Ksenia Solo, Amanda Brugel amongst other new editions

I think I like to say that this new season will see more twists and turns

By the creative minds of Graeme Mason and John Fawcett

We see the whole amazing cast from Season 2 makes its return

Who does their amazing work

Tatiana Maslany, Ari Millen, Kevin Hanchard, Kristian Bruun, Jordan Gervais, Evelyne Brochu, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dylan Bruce, Skyler Wexler, Josh Vokey, possibly Millie and Drew Davis, Michiel Huisman, Michelle Forbes amongst the other talented cast in this series.

We will see war and the fight will begin.

See you April 18th, 2015.

Let the war, twists, turns, feels and drama begins.

Welcome to the trip man, and if you haven’t seen it binge watch it on TV

I would like to say, you will be hooked.

Thanks too much BBC America, Temple Street Productions and Space

For returning the longest arrival I have been waiting what seems like forever.

The clones are coming and so is war.

Oh man, no other words can be said….


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