X Company The Series

With so many science fiction dramas out there. This drama I really love!

It is about Camp X in the east side of the out shores of Ontario where espionage training occurred there. It was one of the first training facilities that was around before others were even made. I believe that may be historical fact. No one knows history wise that Canada had even an involvement with espionage training, in the early years of World War II. I guess without even knowing, we had a hand in espionage before even it existed and we Canadians here had no idea about our history. Now we do.

If you want to learn more about the real X Company please click on this link:


It really happened that the Durham Region had their own training facility outside of Toronto. Who knew? Now we know and I guess living in the Durham Region ain’t boring after all. A training facility training espionage without anyone knowing and keeping a secret. That is fantastic.  I guess you can say that this series bordered around real life and had real issues about the dangers of spies, training, war, espionage, morse code and just hoping that you don’t get caught by the enemy. Staying alive, survival.

This show is based on some of the history of Camp X, the history book about Camp X, the people who lived through the training and a few creative minds of the creators of Flashpoint Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern. When I heard about it coming to CBC I thought, wow this is different. I mean I have seen a lot of war movies over the years, but yet to see a real good war show to exist. I have found one and here it was, living and breathing in the area I work and live. I am sure that others have their reasons, I was really excited because let’s be honest I was really excited to see Evelyne Brochu who plays Delphanie from Orphan Black really attracted me to this series. But as I saw more and more of the series – I was drawn to the whole cast and just how amazing in my opinion the show is. I really am glad that a story like this that has real facts is finally told, and we really never knew it Canadian wise. So I do hand it to Mark and Stephanie for being amazing and doing something that occurred in real life and putting it up on screen. Many shows may be generic.

I say if you love history and are curious what Canadian really did for the war and survival.

Watch this series!

I recommend it. 

We learn that Canadians really were the behind the scenes developers of the popularity of morse code, espionage and history then some may have believe what they think they already know. Know your history and shows like this tells some of the historic facts of things that you only think the Americans did and develop, but I like to say we were the first, although not known at the time.

Everything was a secret and during the era of Hitler and Nazi’s; as well as, the Hungarian/Jewish struggles for freedom – we learn in this series, we had a major role of how to be secret individuals, spies, informants and morse code leaders; if not originators at hand.

We learn throughout this series, how dangerous you would have the lengths to go through in order for the freedoms of not just Canadians but other countries who didn’t even have a system or training but through us. We learn that Hungarians, Jews, Germans and other nationalities that weren’t Nazi try to go on with daily activities, even with the rule of Nazi’s as a domination. Camp X people fought for our rights in the fields of World War II internationally for us and multicultural people to live in a safe environment.

Camp X deserves the recognition it gets – because of how many people we lost who recruited with Camp X and not live to tell about their story of what happened.

I think the cast is fantastic and I cannot wait to see it return Winter 2016.

I am really excite and nervous what happens dynamically with all the characters and other intelligent people behind this series and I cannot wait to see  what happens. I bet and could imagine it can just get more dramatic and suspenseful for a second season.


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