The City Limits

Outside the limits are the towns that surround it

The peacefulness of the places that may not make as much noise

As the major city brings people as they pass by

But the city limits

A lot of stories become alive

They have their own history and secrets

That have not been told

Not like the big city that everything is known

By the society.

We live in the city limits

Where things are surprised by

The stories we share

We live in peace and quiet

While making a little bit of noise.

We search to be part of the city

While sharing our own.

This is the place we live in

And when the city people come by here

We get surprised by our shared common theme

Not knowing that we share the same stories.

The city limits within the towns

Share the same sentiment

By the people we see

Or the people we have heard of

And the city limits outside the main areas

Make us unique and individuals that reside in

They have their own stories to bring

Inside and outside the city limits.


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