Broken at the seams

Once there was a silence that lived here

Peace and quiet resided here

But sudden destruction came here

And took away the agreements

That once lived in this place

And teared it to shreds

It suddenly became broken at the seams

And things never will be the same

The way it once was

The way we knew things

The way we live our daily lives

We become broken

And we are now strangers living amongst each other

Just talking about other things

Other than our problems

That we should discuss

But silence lives here

And everything seems like a complaint

Compared to a solution and an answer.

Why are we broken at the seams

Where did we go wrong?

How did we end up here

This is where I question everything when the

Seams seem so tightly wound

It has become looser as time flies by

And everyone seems against each other

Separated and different from one another.

We then become broken and lost

In our own personal spaces.


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