Token of Appreciation

I know a couple of people

Who I met along the way

Who shaped me and who I met along the way

They helped me become the fan person/personality


And although I might have forgotten or not mention them

As we go along the way

I haven’t forgotten the people who responded back to me

And built me

Since the beginning.

In no particular order

Here are the people who have contributed and

Supported me throughout the years

I like to take this time to give my token of appreciation to

Doom cro (Dominik), Ameriie (long time supporter since the beginning of her career back in 2002), all fan site affiliated with Amerie worldwide and her promo teams, Nina Sky, Nina Sky Promo team, Keshia Chante, #KCRyders, Keshia Chante’s mom (who rather prefer to name nameless but you know who you are Miss) The whole Luvkcfansite team Malcolm Jones, Catlilangel (Catherine), Marian Sirtis fan (Melissa), Dawn Robinson, Teedra Moses, Teedra Moses team in North Carolina, South Carolina, worldwide, Sugar Jones, Vivian Green,  Michelle Rose and her twin sister, Dru, Q Benjamin, Pooja Handa, Bill Coulter, Melissa Grelo

ESPECIALLY TO THESE FOLLOWERS: Cynthia Loyst, Teddy Wilson, AJ Fry, Morgan Hoffman (when I meet them, it is just as interesting and fun times talking with them every time and I respect what they do as journalists/hosts), The whole Innerspace/SPACE Channel tema, Breton Lamana (I never understood any one that plays Sarah Jane fictionally the characters never seem to last or live long….lol?) , The amazing Sam Maggs, Nancy Maggs and your husband for taking the pictures (you three are amazing and it has been a real blessing to meet you, I love your energy and positivity in things you all do), Rachel P. Body (for finding me on the internet first and interested in my page, I am interested in your work constantly :D), Hope L. Nicholson (honoured to meet you in person finally (you are a real cool person to know), To my constant advisers when shit hits the fan I know I can come to you via internet to get advice: Jamie Steinberg, Starry Mag,Shawn Styles, Stewart Fleming, Quentin, Will (when you are around), Tyler (aka Myblocktyler), Diana, Debra Lamb and just about everyone affiliated with Writers, Poets and Deviants, Nina, Brittany, Lo Brown, Christina Yo, Jackie Marion (for introducing me to everyone that you know during Toronto Comicon, I am very, very grateful and it was really awesome to see you at The Pilot) Ted Hincliffe, Gregory Clark, Wasted The Show for the constant support and advice as well…good luck for your Cinecoup entries!, Johnny “Vegas”, Official Endorsers: X Campers for me and Kamille “Clone Club Quotes on Twitter” page for the endorsement on the X Campers Fan Page, X Company, CBC, Expo Friends, Tracy Cramp, Maria K. Adam Upper, Rajee Man, Quentin, Jessica Crail, Chas, Belle Pickering, Victoria, Rex Reece, The Toronto Dandies and their Improv members who are involved in it (thanks for the constant invites; I plan to come to another show soon when things settle down personally), The SoCap Theatre on the Danforth (first time there and you were all so nice!) Producers, writers, cast and crew of Bitten, Carmilla The Webseries, X Company, Ms. Labelled, State of Affairs, Orphan Black, Shaftsbury TV, Smokebom Ent., Belle Pickering for your art work and introduction to Carmilla the webseries (I am very grateful for that), Jolien LB, The Carmilla Fan Page site (lol at all the funny and crazy things you posts; it is pretty entertaining).

To all the celebrities, artists, and entertainers that I forgot to mention because there is so many of you…

… This token of a appreciation poem goes out to you!

Thank you for your continued support constantly. It makes me to the person who I want to be in a long period of time.

Your support to my fandom and fandom representation keeps me going constantly, and this is why this token of appreciation goes out to you. This place called FANDOM” is where you can be and anyone and everything you believe in. Sometimes it may be hard to believe and do it when there are a lot of doubters, but if you keep driving on, great things can happen!!!!!


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