Let’s Talk About Research: Female Bunnies

Disclaimer: For this post I am going to name the woman who I met at Sam Maggs book release “Dee” about the research for talking about what she does for her profession.

Well a couple of nights ago, during Sam Maggs book release, I met a interesting woman who was telling what she does for her profession. Dee caught my attention and thought, WOW, this has to be the most interesting job you have lady. She gets to analyze their changes of behavior and how they survive on their own without the need of being needy but their behavior is very PMS like.

“Dee” I do appologize if I cannot remember a lot of the details or if I got my facts wrong, I tried to remember what you told me.

She told me about her research about where she works and how she gets to analyze the behavior of Female Bunnies or if you like to say Female rabbits about how they are not so interested so much intrigued about their male counterparts.

Apparently they can be quite abusive and could care less about what happens to the males when they do the dirty deed better known as sex and could quite get rattled and just temperamental instead of being calm and enjoyed the moment by sleeping it off after having sex. Instead they get abusive and get agitated towards their male counterparts and just act up by attacking them.

It is like PMS but instead of just sometimes constantly and it seems like a constant battle, and nothing seems to make them happy, it is like they get more ticked off then just a normal human being. Imagine if we females were like that. I think we drive the male population crazy, which can happen from time to time.

Learning this from this lady and her daily job routine has some real interesting benefits in her research about if we ladies were always like that constantly and just being abusive like that 24/7 like rancid dogs (hyenas) with no control of how we wanted to be and nothing made us happy or find happiness in things we believe in. I think we would be lost.

Which reminds me, I am not sure if I got all my details right and I feel like I forgot somethings. But learning that who knew Female bunnies would like to bite and/or abuse their partners reminds me of something of a loss balance of behavior that on a daily basis that this research something interesting can come out of it; thank goodness we can control our behavior of our well being.

I never knew that there was such research of how without the yin to the yang or vise versa we find interesting people who have the most interesting job of going through the animal species of the urge to be violent constantly through animals and learning what can tick them off no matter what.  I never knew that female bunnies could be violent because we know them not to be so very much angry but calm gentle creatures we can pet.

I feel like the bunnies that Dee researches can give us a better understanding of what can possibly happen to the human race no matter female or male if there is no balance in the way we are or the people we want to become if we didn’t focus our energies on things of survival of our human race. Let this be a lesson and one to learn that things are constantly what they appear.

Thanks Dee for sharing what you do in your work on a daily basis, which is to me has to be half the battle of craziness of wow, how do you manage that moments.


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