Welcome to Toronto Comicon

Every year that Toronto Comicon has been here in Toronto, we have seen some really great guests. I guess this year, it has kind of slowed down at a cheaper rate but real expensive to buy stuff. If you really want to go to Cons this is great. the last few years had some real awesome guests. This year is the year for Space and Science Fiction shows. Although the tickets were cheaper, not the product so much. I just decided to save some money instead of going to the bigger Cons like I do everywhere and slow down a bit. This year I will not be attending Fan Expo because it is way too much out of my budget. I really love attending the bigger cons because there is more but it is getting way too expensive, way too fast. So this would possibly the last of the Cons I will be attending for awhile. I may go to the smaller cons though, we will see future wise

Anyways, although smaller I did go to the Con for two days and enjoyed being at the Space Channels Orphan Black and Bitten Panel which I planned to go for. I wish I did go to the Killjoys one as well because that would of been great to be at. There is some footage of the Orphan Black panel courtesy of Adam Methos Youtube page for those who couldn’t attend that and lets just say Clone Club “Project Leda” character of cosplayers were there, so this year I didn’t feel alone.

Thank You AdamMethos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_9RDOd7o9o

I like to thank everyone at Toronto Comicon, Sam Maggs, Space Channel, hosts of InnerSpace: Teddy Wilson, AJ Fry and Morgan Hoffman, Christina (Minnnty), Brittany (Greyson Graves), Jackie Marion, Lo Brown, Shannon Barwell and the other Sestra’s who cosplayed as us Project Leda plus our own Ms. S. Stephanie Lekas,  the Executive producers of the show Bitten Daegan and J.B. Sugar for taking a picture of you, plus the other photo you are in, Tommie-Amber Pirie (for the only cast member of Bitten to sign my poster)  You are all amazing!!!!


Innerspace Hosts, Orphan Black Panel & Project Leda Cosplayers
Innerspace Hosts, Orphan Black Panel & Project Leda Cosplayers

DSC01379 DSC01378 DSC01377 DSC01376 DSC01375 DSC01374 DSC01372 DSC01371 DSC01370 DSC01369 clones3 Clones Clones 3 Clones 2 IMG_0335 IMG_0334 IMG_0333 IMG_0332 IMG_0331 IMG_0329 IMG_0328 IMG_0327 IMG_0326 IMG_0325 IMG_0324 IMG_0323 IMG_0322 DSC01401 DSC01399 DSC01398 DSC01397 DSC01395 DSC01394 DSC01393 DSC01392 DSC01391 DSC01390 DSC01389 DSC01388 DSC01387 DSC01386 DSC01385 DSC01384 DSC01383 DSC01382 DSC01381 Clones 3 clones3

The Amazingness of Toronto Comicon.
The Amazingness of Toronto Comicon.

DSC01372 DSC01371 DSC01370 DSC01369 DSC01435 DSC01434 DSC01433 DSC01432 DSC01431 DSC01430 DSC01429 DSC01428 DSC01423 DSC01422 DSC01421 DSC01420 DSC01419 DSC01418 DSC01417 DSC01416 DSC01415 DSC01414 DSC01413 DSC01412 DSC01411 DSC01410 DSC01409 DSC01408 DSC01407 DSC01406 DSC01405 DSC01404 Comicon 2015 023 Comicon 2015 022 Comicon 2015 021 Comicon 2015 020 Comicon 2015 019 Comicon 2015 017 Comicon 2015 016 Comicon 2015 015 Comicon 2015 014 Comicon 2015 013 Comicon 2015 012 Comicon 2015 011 Comicon 2015 010 Comicon 2015 009 Comicon 2015 008 Bitten Panel 004 Bitten Panel 003 Bitten Panel 002 Bitten Panel 001 DSC01462 DSC01460 DSC01459 DSC01458


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