Closures of big name stores and revamping for saving money

With all these closures and revamping of big name companies and stores, the future of retail companies look very bleak at this point. Let’s just say currently I work in retail and I have for a very long. I really never discuss what I do for job wise until now, because with the word of past and recent closures, this worries me a lot.

It worries me because the job market is very unstable and without the stability of the job market and the searching of employers being very minimal. Employers are currently choosy of their future employees. A lot of us could possibly suffer the same fate. I worry a bit for myself, because I am in a transition state where the place I want to get into is just a lot of waiting and a uncertainty. It has been for so many years, so I’ve been trying to learn and volunteer for now until I can officially afford what I can get done.

With the recent changes to the retail landscape. No business is safe. With past news of hearing that Future Shop which is a subsidiary of Best Buy, Mexx, Sony, Target Canada, Smart Set; amongst others retailers. Business across Canada who we though were making money in previous years have lost to cut backs or restructuring or just saving money. CEO’s and executives may have a better settlement, while employees, who knows…

With recent news of Gap closing its stores as well this morning. Retailers spaces, changes and upgrades are on its way. Recent hires be aware – the company you just got hired for could be next or temporary. Employees of long time big companies, there is a possibility of our jobs being in jeopardy. Could your favorite business be the next store that may suffer cuts?

Future Shop Closure article by the CBC

Financial Post Website

Global News Website


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