Carmilla: Season 2

So we got about 6 episodes so far in this Season 2 of the Carmilla series and I have to say that we got a lot of twists and turns with these episodes. We get introduced to three new characters so far and a forth is coming soon. Let’s just say that with the writers and producers wrote in two kisses in Episodes 1 and 5. We see the love between Laura and Carmilla but in Episode 6 between Mattie and Carmilla; while Laura just hid sitting on the couch like she did when she decided to run to her bed instead of outside. Fantastic, Laura, this spells I will be the third party in the room while my girlfriend and whomever comes in, I will be here because I love her so much, there is no other place I rather be.

Oh and I guess that with these 6 episodes in, this will be a prelude of what will be happening for future episodes and with many of other press releases of future episodes that are released on Instagram and partially on Twitter of the actors. We may see more of heartaches between Carmilla and Laura. I know that we enjoyed the kisses and the sex hair after the apparent deed, but knowing the series likes to fool us with the pretty things and then just turns it to a surprise of we got you.

I am enjoying this series and the growth of it. I cannot wait to see what they plan so more of the series for the rest of Carmilla. We see love, twists, turns and surprises. Oh Laura…. what is going to happen to you now? What do we have in store not just for Carmilla, Laura, Lafontaine, Wilson Kirsh, but especially Perry which is a HUGE SURPRISE of what her character is enduring.

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3 thoughts on “Carmilla: Season 2

    1. Well, I just saw this message today,
      I thought of yesterday’s episode just great. I am planning to catch up on reviewing these two episodes 9 and 10 later this week.

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