Carmilla Season 2: Episode 7 & 8

My weekly two day review of Episodes 7 & 8 so far of the Carmilla.

Episode 7: “Arrangements for Living”. This episode we find out the Laura doesn’t really know that after her moments of fun with Carmilla that they have been living in The Dean’s apartment (Carmilla’s mother) and she gets a little grossed out and disturbed. Lol, which to me is funny that she was oblivious that they have been living there since their return. We see the smart LaFontaine in the scene later knowing right away that they have been in the Dean’s home/apartment and Laura looking surprised by LaFonatine comment. Perry didn’t look surprised by it, she said “that explains why the decor is intimating…” Can I say that they all look great in that scene. Can I say also the broadcast with “Mattie” giving the official word and voice of Silas by giving a supernatural aspect to the SNN and Laura looking like she dislike it and displeased.

What I loved about that the robe that Carmilla wears and the whole cast on how the change of their change since Season 1 and 2 is the whole maturity. Laura looks mature and Carmilla seems spaced and quiet after all of it. With the edition of Matske aka “Mattie” to the series we see a whole bunch of beauty, sarcastic and just amazement. It feels like the continuum of the “Christmas Special” of the four of them and how things are happening now between Perry, LaFontaine, Carmilla and Laura. We see them grow and mature our eyes – which I love! Can I say Laura in her tank and jogging pants. Everyone looks great.

Episode 8: “Vanishing Act”. This episode shows returning characters Danny and “Wilson” Kirsch with Theo and Mel; as well as, Matska along with Laura, LaFontaine and Carmilla we see that the library disappeared with J.P. or “Jeep” having technical difficulties. Then at the end we see Matska doing a high pitched scream to scare the whole cast yelling out that affects everyone except for Carmilla or J.P. and they all have to cover their ears. You can clearly see that Carmilla and Laura having their moments as well with their hands on each other, it was super adorable and amazing.

I love the fact that this episode that even though it seem that we enjoy the fights between the Zeta’s and the Omega’s. We see that Matska setting everyone straight, although the screaming hurt the ears and it set everyone straight with the screen disrupt.

Great every weekly episodes it has been great, mature and amazing so far. Every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are worth tuning in every week.


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