Written words: Carmilla Season 2 Poem (17 episodes in)

We start off the scene of Carmilla Season 2,
With Carmilla and Laura returning to Silas University,
After fleeing from the creepy diner from the Christmas episode we previously received,
It all started with Laura all scared with the thunder noise coming in,
Then we see Carmilla later in the scene,
Which provided mostly dialogue,
Then the end where they kissed,
Which killed a lot of Creampuffs internally,
Then literary in episode 5,
It did the same,
We saw the return in later episodes of the rest of the cast from Season 1,
With Lafontaine being a mad scientists again,
And the attack of paranormal occurrences against Perry (well off and on in between scenes),
Then we got introduced to Theo, Matska Belmont, Melanippe and Voderberg in the whole mix,
We saw the return of Will, no wait that is JP in Will’s body (which is creepy and bizzare all at the same time), with Kirsch and Danny not too far away in episodes in between,
Then we got a break where Carmilla and Laura break up during Episode 15,
Which devastated a lot of creampuffs and they pretended the episode never existed,
Hahahaha the jokes is only temporary and we see Mattie (Matska) return after the dominating times,
In the early episodes that we have seen.

In all truth that is just temporary and the death of the fan base,
Things go well temporary back to its interesting fan art,
When we see that its possible Laura will be back with Carmilla in no time in later episodes to come,
For what we have foreseen in many future pictures and so on, it seems.

Currently we see Laura in Episode 17 wanting a chance to jump Carmilla because she can’t get enough,
Of vampiric love and taste of what she offered.

But we currently see them at odds and that is just temporary for a bit,
I hear we may lose a main character in future scenes,
Since most of it is filmed already,
We cannot wait to see what Shaftsbury and Smokebomb Entertainment has in store,
For us fellow fans,
It is possible that it could be the end of Kirsch or Danny,
But that for now is just a theory.

I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow in Episode 18 of this series.
What does Carmilla and Laura have in store with Vordenberg and Ms. Belmont,
In not just this episode but future episodes to come.

I hope that Carmilla and Laura run away together,
Love all they want to love with no disruptions at all,
But for now I feel like we are going to get a lot of tragedy
Before some kind of happy ending of sorts.

This is for now how season 2 of Carmilla is trailing.


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