Top 10 People You Should Meet or get to know (that you haven’t met, Yet!)

Here’s My Top 10 People You Should Meet

1. Sam Maggs – I’m not just saying this because I have met her multiple times in the past year, I have heard of her through cosplays and affiliation to geekdom and fandom over the years, but she is a really cool person. I respect her in every way. Special shout out notes: Nancy Maggs – thanks for giving us a talented daughter and a new life to fandom and geekdom. We live in where society can accept us all now, no lies.

2. Hope L. Nicholson/Rachel Peabody – These Kickstarter ladies have been doing their thing for awhile. They are restoring old comic books and giving them new life. I think if you haven’t heard of them before they have been featured in Flare and all across the inter-web, plus a few interviews around the local T.O. stations. Hope is releasing a comic book which will feature Sam, Margaret Atwood and various talented strong independent women out there. Rachel is working hard with her many comic restorations from the last time I checked and if you ever got to TCAF you should check out Nelvana.

3. Innerspace hosts – Every year these hosts do an awesome job in their duties for journalists on Innerspace. Teddy Wilson (is such a great awesome nerd and hilarious every time off and on the camera) I’d no this and I respect him very much. AJ Fry is the voice of reason and has a comedic side too. Morgan Hoffman is great as well, she is quirky and energetic. Previous host: Cynthia Loyst who is on The Social is one of the nerds and geek personalities I respect, oh and I should mention she does talk about those sex stuff, even if you don’t feel comfortable about talking about it I know she is one of the experts in that subject.

4. The Cast of Orphan Black – PURE TALENT RIGHT THERE! They are all funny, good looking, ok, ok, gorgeous and just talented. I have been fortunate to meet some of them in person and they are just FANTASTIC INDIVIDUALS! The fandom behind Clone Club is now expanded so rapidly they are internationally acclaimed with every cosplayer dressing up like Tatiana’s many clones.

5. The talented cast and production team behind that Carmilla Series. In its second season now, this webseries has grown an CREAMPUFF fandom base. Everything from art work to fan fic, you can find this going internationally strong woman and men based fans like you’ve never seen before. Just trust me on this one.

6. The Dandies (Toronto Dandies) and fellow stage acts (Deanna, Suhan, Vest of Friends, etc.) They have boldly go where Star Trek comedy and Improv have boldly go where it hasn’t before. Respect and shoutouts to them!

7. Breton Lalama, The Box Toronto and Cast of Princess of Porn (including James McDougall, Vikki Velenosi, Bryan Kling, Christian Jeffries, etc.) There is no show currently right now with them but this has to be one of the most talented cast that you don’t know about or have known about. All these wonderful people are just a talent that you may have recognized because some of them have been actors in many series including TV, webseries or directors/creators in Toronto.

8. Everything and anything related to X Company on CBC. The cast and production isn’t until Winter 2016 but they are currently filming right now. However if you must watch Season 1 right now. I’m telling you it is one of the war drama’s that is so underrated right now and for you Evelyne Brochu fans, she’s a main character. This has spawn also the official fan base X Campers (fans of X Company facebook group) approved by X Campers social media page, historians to the X Camp official site and social media site of X Company. I know this because they know who I am and they keep us all up to date. Plus, I am one of the admins to the group.

9. Wasted The Show – top 20 finalists in Cinecoup this zombie movie has made some notices and waves with the internet. Getting high and killing zombies. Well what two combinations wouldn’t you want with that…

10. Starry Mag/Film Button follows/Jamie Steinberg – look them up they do reviews and posts to your favorite stars and interviews/ previews and trailers. You want to know about things, they have it. Just trust me on that. There are a lot of creative forces behind the scenes which you haven’t met that are part of these online content things.

Honorable mentions: Luvkcfansite (official fansite to Keshia Chante) – they have been the supportive team and KCRyder supportive creative site to trying to update you on what Keshia Chante has been up to professionally, Clone Club cosplayers… you know who you are, I mentioned you a lot, Ameriie & Ameriie online I know it has been almost a decade since we last said anything but hello; oh and hello to Dominik, everyone at Writers, Poets and Deviants – write on!, Expo Friends – honored and blessed to be in your presence, Beth and Charlie (create something great, looking forward to this), to everyone and anyone online who follow me that I have forgotten – work hard in what you love to do and everything will happen. Let’s make it happen! Dreams are hard to achieve but accomplish-able!!!!


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