Crossed Emotions

I close my eyes and for a moment silence
Then emotions kept silent for a moment
Then everything flooded in
Something gets triggered when I see you
And your face
Reminds me what I miss
What I sacrificed.

When I kiss you
It reminds me what I have missed
What secrets I hold when I get to feel you, your face and your lips.

It reminds me that I forget when temptation comes around
And although I am not supposed to say it out loud
I cannot help but let go but to love you secretly
I know that I am supposed to be private
But it feels like things I have forgotten
Of things I really appreciate of the life
I dream of emotional states
Of the past and the future clashing with the present
Of reasons why I felt like the world of relationships
Crossing the lines of impressions
That I constantly seek
The feels and emotions
I bury within me.


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