Most people whether online or in real life I have been really accepting of a lot of people. Young or old. No matter what sexuality you may be or are. I have been really patient and friendly to a lot of people because that is how I am wired. Respect everyone and I wish people feel threatened by it. I spent all my life to be accepting and respectful to a lot of people. In all honesty, I spent my off days being part of fandom representative to a lot of shows and I earn my respect that way in real life. A lot of industry people are aware of me that way and that is how I earn respect. I do my best to be friendly to a lot of celebrities and now the fans around the series and show. I respect them in every way I can. What most people call harassment my emails in confidentially which I do with a lot of fans to the show series; as well as, some celebrities through their DM’s. It’s call privacy and confidentially and I respect it in every way because it’s earned to meet them in person. I NEVER EVER, EVER, DISRESPECT THEM and what I know about them without naming them. That is why I still have them as followers because I respect their privacy and their work.

Never ever I would betray their trust because they have faith in me and I have in them. TRUST IS EARNED AND RESPECTED! I would never harm them in anyway and that is why I still have respect within the industry of the arts & entertainment community and I still get respect by them because I’m a supporter and loyal fan with free promotions to share based on their show(s). I get responses from them because I respect there series, shows, actors, creators, musicians, entertainers and writers over a decade.

Even the fans behind the series respect me as well because they are normal people. If I was a asshole then no one would care what I would do to promote the series or would not have the followers or the responses I have. So to find out that other close people to be betrayed like this is really hurtful. My intentions are really good willed by my posts but I feel betrayed by certain people and these young people don’t get it by asking things in privacy and confidentially. I feel like these young people are so sensitive to get ahead in the professional world. They have won these young people who want to get rid of their elders to WIN. They have real people on their side. I got a few older people and some of the internet people on my side. Thank goodness. Thanks to those people who asked me if I am alright. The truth is that I’m not but I must be strong to lift myself up.

So for now. I’m letting the Carmilla Series do the talking for me.

Credit to: Fvckintired

Credit to: banshee bauman || bio


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