Carmilla Series Season Zero

Well I think after a long hiatus on writing anything Carmilla series wise. I decided to put something out there.

I may not have any Q&A’s with the cast but I would like to give me blogger take on the Carmilla Series Zero so far. Since I’m a fan of the series I like to pay homage to a blog instead.

The rest of the video’s that I took didn’t work out the way I wanted to.

So far with a different direction to Carmilla Series Season Zero taking place between Season 1 & 2 we get to see the Carmilla we loved dearly from Season 1 remind us who she was in her backstory; as well as The Dean of Silas before being Perry in Season 2 we get to see the outline of how these characters were in between the times we didn’t get to see them. Oh and can I say that we see Kirsch differently from his time on the show between Season 1 & 2 how we see his maturity or different persona’s differ.

It has been a interesting take to tell the story lines of how Carmilla was in Season 1 in between the takes of Season 2 and how Laura factors in the picture of how they evolve their characters. Also we get to see the changes of how Perry  is portrayed in between her times at Silas University between Season 1 & 2. How she’s supposed to “be normal” rational Perry we see in Season 1 and her “possession” in Season 2. We understand the story line.

We also get to see how Mel was a shy person to a strong person in this Season Zero to a strong warrior in Season 2. The progression seems rapid and different.

I am liking to seeing how we get the stories of how things work post Season 1 and Season 2 of the Carmilla Series transpires. It shows the whole new light of things to come. Possibly a Season 3 (so much story to tell yet from my point of view)! For now this tells the backstory between Perry, Mel, Carmilla, Kirsch & The Dean. Even Laura.

Hey if U by Kotex if you are reading this as well let’s have a Season 3. Honestly, I feel like there are so much that we need to know about a lot of the characters development from the DRAMATIC ENDING WE HAD FROM SEASON 2 EPISODE 36. So many things need to be answered.

I would like to give a shout out to the wonderful actors and actresses that play such a vital role to this series (I don’t know if you will read this as well). I thank Natasha Negovanlis, Elise Bauman, Annie Briggs, Sharon Belle, Kaitlyn Alexander, Aaron Chartrand, Matt O’Conner, Sophia Walker, Nicole Stamp, Shannon Kook, Breton Lalama, Paige Haights, Lisa Trong, & Grace Glowicki.

Thank you Smokebomb Entertainment, Shift 2, Shaftsbury, U by Kotex, Spencer Maybee, Ellen Simpson, Jordan Hall, Stephanie Ouaknine,Mars Horodyski, Dillon Taylor, Paige Haights and all the crew that had a hand in this series. Without you all we would have no Carmilla for the Fans. You are the real driving force behind this series!






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