Carmilla Season Zero (Final review)


Full on review for Episodes 10, 11 & 12

So it it the end of The Carmilla Series executive produced by U by Kotex? Who knows… The suspense is not just killing me but the fandom that is called the “creampuffs”. We all want to know what is happening to our beloved webseries. I have a feeling that they are teasing us to prelude to a surprise and well let’s just say knowing the history of U by Kotex, Smokebomb Entertainment and Shift 2. I bet they are either going to let us down or just torture us or tease us to have an official season 3. I hear the writers of the series are in town and it could be a possibility of a future season.

Let’s start off with Episode 10 (extra additional review) of Season Zero which I believe that it is called Wishin & Hoping where we find Laura and Carmilla returning and the return of Hollstein which the fans are super excited by the return of our love interest sharing the screen together. We see a different side of Mel and Perry before we meet them in conjunction between Season 1 and the introduction to Mel for Season 2. We learn where Perry is not normal. She deals with Wicca magic and she tries really hard for normalcy but her wishes that her friendship with Lafontaine would be normal. Perry doesn’t realize though she is the one that releases the evil fairy queen who steals periods and that is what happens to their periods go missing for three months and Kirsch turning into a donkey as he ye-haws. Carmilla and Mel look at Perry as her guilt of her responsibility for the end of the episode.

I cannot believe though how looking Perry is responsible for this supernatural responsibility and it shows her transitions between how trying be normal in Season 1 with some secret oddness to her character and how The Dean slowly taking over her in Season 2. The transition of her character from being caught in between her friendship with Lafontaine and being friends with Laura and eventually Carmilla – we see her becoming an interesting character of transition of growth that we never see get to in her since most of us fans are intrigued by Carmilla, Laura, Lafontaine and Danny. We see her growth as a person and as character of unexpectedness.

Episode 11 – Clap if you believe in…(nightmares)

This episode shows what happens when we discover Perry who wants to stay at Silas while Susan Lafontaine wants to go to other universities like Oxford or M.I.T. so she discovers the fairies statue and wishes on it. Not realizes when she does it affects everyone on campus. Carmilla listens. Mel positively convinces her confidently to do the spell to resurrect the evil fairy queen so that Carmilla will not kill Perry. At first, Perry isn’t so confident to do the spell and just say the words in fear. Mel persuades her to do it right and then Perry says the words. Something happens after the confidence that Mel gives to her and she does it – brings the Fairy Queen bestowed to Mel, Perry and Carmilla with the green light surrounding the room and this witch sounding voice (which could be sounding like the Wicked Witch of the Wizard of Oz played by who knows by anyone from Smokebomb or Shift 2 staff or crew) you never know – I don’t even know. Perry is in awe of the evil Fairy Queen’s face with being stunned but in awe look. This is where we end the episode. This episode is an interesting one because we get to see the original broodiness of Carmilla from Season 1 before we get to see her in between the episodes and her interrogation skills when she isn’t around Laura and she takes off. It feels all tied in to where she disappears and reappears in the episodes of the first season and this Carmilla Zero’s back story of Carmilla herself. I believe that this episode makes sense of a lot of things but we later see how the development of characters evolve around both Mel and Perry. We learn more about Carmilla through this Season Zero as her broody self progresses through the seasons of the series.

Episode 12: Nothing To See Here (Final episode of Carmilla Zero)

As a continuum we see the light brightens up a bit we see Perry fixated by the Fairy Queen’s appearance and voice. We experience how Mel becomes the strong member of The Summer Society and tries to over throw Danny in Season 2 by protecting Kirsch. We get a full understanding now how her character is meant to be. Now we also get a full understanding of how Perry’s “be normal” personality becomes to be during Season 1 and then her supernatural side in Season 2. The denial of things in Season 1, her transition as a character in Season 2 with a bit of hints of snapping herself as “The Dean” then back to herself between episodes we see that in Carmilla Zero what truly happened to her in between takes and what we didn’t get to see. Perry also ends this evil queens plans to invade earth and even though she does this – we see her feeling a bit regretful but remorseful that she didn’t do it.

Of course – to the fun part of this review (what about Carmilla?) we see that her character understands how crazy this Fairy Queen is thinking that “she’s stark raving mad” about Carmilla or Mircella Von Karstein sending an annoying match to Carmilla that it wouldn’t happen. However, Mircella gives us an ending telling to her mother that it wouldn’t happen to the camera at the end of the scene and puts her shades on. We realize that the evil Fairy Queen is purely responsible to having Laura on campus to challenge Carmilla and this is where their love-hate relationship transpires. We realize that Laura was brought to the campus to really challenge everything Carmilla stood for in her evil and broody ways. We learn that in the end Laura is who she is and even though we as fans have that love-hate-love relationship with the character that Elise Bauman plays we realize that we get challenged by Laura’s annoying self but brave and confused girl full of hopes and dreams. We still even learn in between seasons how the love between Carmilla and Laura is still there even if they aren’t together and leaves fans whether or not you are part of the Hollstein ship if they will ever get past this. So many questions even though we have any confirmation of any future seasons. To have Laura’s annoying adorable self into the equation with her pink teddy bear polo in the episode we get introduced to baby Laura to the grown woman she becomes between the episodes of things. We enjoy the fact that through it all we learn how Carmilla Zero develops everyone and how every one plays into the factors of Carmilla Season’s One and Two. Where everyone stands. This plays well with how we develop the love for Natasha Negovanlis as Carmilla, Annie Briggs as Perry, Matt O’ Connor as Kirsch and Nicole Stamp as Melanie for this Season.

I have to say we are so thankful as fans to have such a wonderful cast of everyone and I mean everyone involved in the Carmilla Series. It brought all genders and races together that we all can live in peace and harmony with one another no matter the sexuality. It has helped us grow with understanding ourselves as individuals and who we can love.

Thank you U by Kotex and I hope that we get a season 3 because it is well deserved.

I also like to thank U by Kotex for showing all the fans love and support, including myself where I feel like there is no judgment on who loves the show. I have never been so close to a fan base and knowing that I spent decades on many different fan bases as close as this one.

Everyone is dedicated and passionate about the show it has brought humans compassion and friendships that I know locally and worldwide together in one place where life can feel so free in a world that is living in dark spaces and places. I think I can speak for a lot of Creampuffs that we are all welcoming and blessed to have this series in our presence.


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