The List of People You Should Know For 2016

I’ve decided to compile a list of people you should get to know better this year artistically/professionally wise because they may just be the people that are well known in the communities you’re interested in and they work hard so you don’t have to.

Just watch or view or read their content and go.

Starry Mag/Jamie Steinberg team out of Florida: Their writing and interviews extend to just about everyone and everything about the entertainment industry both locally and internationally. They are fantastic content drivers out there. Try to keep up they release a lot of content daily. Worth every interview and read.

The wonderful creative minds at Shift 2 & Smokebomb Entertainment: They’ve created a lot of content like my favourites Carmilla series, V Morgan Is Dead, Long Story Short, Ms. Labelled just to name a few. The fan base has grown a lot for the content they drive out there.

Sam Maggs: The Fan Girls Guide To The Galaxy came out last year describing what to do and not what to do at Cons. This is your survival guide to get you through those days and hours. PREPARATION is key

Nancy Maggs – a geek in her own right, she’s one awesome person to the world of geek culture. Plus being a geek mother helps too in the subject matter.

The actual Con goers:
Clone Clubs Finest Cosplayers:

They’ve been that have been recognized from Orphan Black show creators to San Diego Comicon, Toronto Comicon & Fan Expo: Jackie, Christina, Nina, Grayson, Pattie, Lo, Shannon and that Rachel clone I totally forgot her name. These ladies do such a wonderful job as the various clones of Orphan Black portrayed by Tatiana Maslany. They’re talented and be on the look out for some of them later this year. Plus some special additional appearances.

Tracey – I met this lady at my second year at Fan Expo who happen to blog about my generosity to giving my ticket up to a huge fan of Criminal Minds. I paid it forward that way in terms of generosity. She’s moved on to some interesting things since and her cosplay is really great. She was Frost at last year’s Expo.

Expo Friends and buddies:
Adam, Maria, Jason, August, Raj, Catherine, Lisa, Sean, Tim – constant Con goers and respected individuals within the Con community. They are just about everywhere and they know their geek culture, more than I do. Believe it or not.

Toronto Dandies – Do you like Star Trek then you’ll love this show, they get better every time I see there show. They even have their own Trek names

The SoCap Theatre -puts out amazing comedy and comedian acts on stage and they are just funny. Some people who have graced that theatre are now at Second City or other comedy bars.

The host of InnerSpace – Journalistic talent goes out to this Trio: Teddy Wilson, Morgan Hoffman & AJ Fry bring you every week interesting content of Science Fiction entertainment and other geek culture.

Fan based personalities – look out for us everywhere because we’re interconnected to a lot of people.

Honorable mentions: The Box Toronto & Breton Lamana saw a play called The Princess of Porn at Hamilton Fringe and loved the whole entire cast and crew part of this.

I like to thank all Creampuffs and Clone Club members whose interconnection with one another has topped my list of Fan Bases you should post attention to and look out for


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