I want to run my fingers through
Your hair,
Every part of you,
Every existence of you,
Wants to get to know you better,
Constantly I want to be intrigued,
By you,
With you,
My senses wants to spike,
Higher and higher with you,
Because it isn’t about at times,
How you may appear,
It used to be about that,
But to me it’s how you kiss,
How you touch,
How you feel a person.

Those moments when your heart beat,
Those moments when you forget,
The world becomes non-existant,
Around you,
Those moments when you feel,
Like you forget who you are normally,
Let those inhibitions go,
Those senses take over,
It feels like the world has stopped,
Around you,
Your senses become mute and
In those moments,
Sensuality, intrigue and curiosity
Take over,
You forget that your body signals
And voice tones
Become something else on its own,
They have there own sound,
They have it’s own senses
And they take off to a expendental
Rate sometimes you forget
You’re sending them out
At other times you just don’t care
You’re doing it
Because you can’t help it
Because you’re attracted by
The person you’re with
They make you feel free
They make you feel like home.


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