Running through these thoughts in my head

Of what I plan to do with you

The feelings of you

The touches of you

Intertwined in my mind, body and soul

Feelings of parts of me are displaced

Like my mind doesn’t know what to do with you.

It’s like parts of me don’t know what to do with myself

And for the first time

I’m lost in my own words and in my emotions.


You get in my head like I’m running through your mind, body and soul,

Everything feels brand new

Like my body feels pleased with you in me

The emotions of intensity of pain and pleasure

While I run my fingers through your hair

I lose myself when you touch me

I let go of my inhibitions

It’s like you want more and more.

You make me feel alive, tired, thrilled and excited all at the same time

Parts of me doesn’t know because all of these emotions

Feel like the joyous roller coaster.

You’re in my head interrupting my thoughts when I should be thinking of important

Things to do

But I can’t because my imagination runs wild

Of how you make me feel so sore and pleasurable all at the same time

I have never been exhausted in my whole entire life

My body says stop but I keep going until I can’t no more

I know I should give up

But sometimes I can’t and I just want to be greedy and want more

Until we relax and sleep in these quiet places.

Sometimes these drinks help my imagination get even more intense

Until we’re both tired

Shows the level of how things can be

When you are around or even when you aren’t around

I know how much you want it

I can see it when you look at me

When I speak the level of intrigue

Leaves a lasting impression on you

But what you don’t know it leaves a lasting impression on me as well

When your level of intrigue intertwines but I never want to admit it first

Until you are sure this is what you to do

Where you want to go.

I leave a lasting impression of me in you

Knowing you want more and more each time

Like I secretly want every part of you

To take with me every time we meet

And the abilities of each other intrigue

The insides of you

When I either speak or when you see me

You want to love every inch

That now you don’t ever want to leave.


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