Shadows (Late nights)

Conversations late nights

Over the phone

Makes it intense

Every time we talk

It feels like shadows

Running through my soul

Through every part of me

Attached to you

Feeling every part of your speech

And every part of our time together

It feels more intense every interaction

We have.

It feels like our souls intertwined

Intense feelings of a high

That I cannot shake

Running through intensities

Of passion

I feel like we interconnect

Through distance and time

We realized that every night could be like this

No matter what state we are in

We feel things

It’s like a passion that comes to light

The love and feelings that

Fills a room of love and passion

That get inside your brain

That never let you go

And every moment

Feels like your insides out are turning

So high

The pressure builds so externally

You feel displaced

When your inside outs

Come through and the voices are in

That makes you intrigued

By every moments we feel together

Gets better and better

Every time we’re in each others presence

Near or far

It feels like a attachment

That never leaves and seeking for the lasting impression

Within the memories

Of the many personalities

We deal and face with

The shadows come running in and through

The promises of happiness and joy

We enjoy within the company we keep.

Happiness of impressions and lasting memories

Everywhere we go and everywhere we meet.

Thank you for making every situation whole

When sometimes the worlds and shadows don’t meet.

I’m appreciative of the shadow we built to make each other whole in our presence

Of one another.

That makes us intrigued of one another

That we want to hold on to each other until we don’t let go.



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