Dear You

I’ve taken this time to let you know,
How you’ve affected me
In ways I still haven’t comprehend,
I feel wrapped in my own story line
Like the one I live daily by.

I feel like it’s my fault as a person
Who cares and shares my
Good hearted and good soul
With caution
And freedom.

Once felt or heard
Sometimes it’s hard to let go
It’s been difficult to
Not chasing after you
To get to be where you are.

I want you to know though
I am having the true heart
To admit I have feelings for you
Because I care of you
And everyone in the world that
Surrounds me
I have a intrigue
Of who you are.

This is the highest compliment I can
Give to you because your mysterious
Personality draws
Me to your senses.

A senses of longing
To different feels and
Highs that I never expected.

Dear you
You’re a surprise at my door step that
I least expected to appear to me.

I one day hope to see you
And meet you personally
One day so you no
Longer feel vulnerable.


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