Helsinki (Orphan Black Comics): SPOILERS ALERT

I just finished reading the Helsinki comics and these are the previews before Season 4 starts. We learn about the early years of Veera who may be a brand new character we will meet. We also learn the involvement of Helena and her killing ways before she was introduced within the series. We also learn how Helena knew about Katja before Sarah and Beth knew about her. Also, we learn about the many clones meet up in Helsinki and another town in Europe which has a gibberish name I cannot pronounce or name for that matter. We also learn the involvement of Rachel in the whole matter. It’s a preview before Beth jumps off the train. We realize the whole story and the picture before Season 1. So I say that it is worth getting. We see the story line before the story line of the North American clones get to know each other. As well that there at least 10 clones and possibly more in the Europe region. The next two stories are going to tie in with the clones between what Veera happens whether she may be a distraction character, it could be bad or she could be good. I guess we will learn how Sarah and possibly the reason why Beth felt depressed knowing what she was aware of and it could possibly why she decided to jump in front of the train. Rachel is strong and she tries to involve herself in association to DYAD and the Europe clones. So hoping Rachel’s home reunion with her mom could show us if any other European Clones may make an appearance and the split that could divide Sarah and Helena’s sistership if she knew what Helena did. It also could be a preview of what happens to the bondship Sarah has with the Clones. So Veera could be the disownership of what we are used to with the sistership with all the Clones or she could be the bond that brings them together.


We will have to wait with the next two issues and it could solve our itches of what happened to Jennifer and describe why Beth’s story line became what it became to be. I feel like it’s a investigative story point which warns us that as much as close the sister’s ties have with each other, it can bring a “sheep” heap of problems. Hence why there could be a deep investigation of who Beth really is or was before meeting Alison and it could show that Sarah may be over her head trying to figure out the whole truth. Hence, the worm because I feel that it ties to the story lines of DYAD, Rachel and the Duncan’s hunt to draw them out. Veera’s story line can possibly show that two different locations country wise brings out the truth of what ties the Clones all together and the consequences trying to find out what scientists were trying to accomplish with two variants of Clones spread out in two different countries.

The theories can be endless but we will see what may happen when comics and story lines tie in together and how much sacrifice and divide or similarities of a lot of questions between Season’s 1-3 can be fully explained. It also makes us questions the loyalties of our favourite characters we grown to love or love to hate with knowing there were infractions of the Leda and the Castor Clones. Who is good? Who is evil? Who is bad? Who can we really trust in this dividing world. The comics even explain that Marion is alive and kicking somewhere in Europe and is controlling the secrecy of the project handling.


I hope answers are arises in Season 4 before the end of Season 5. So many there aren’t many unanswered questions that I have in conclusion with the ties of many theories I have to finally have some clarity of the truth of both the Leda and Castor Clones. Especially with the mystery of the end of Delphine (possibly) who shot her and why? What do the Neoloutionists know compared to DYAD? Do they tie themselves in together or is there a huger picture we have to insight ourselves in for Season 4.


I will be tuning in inquisitively and see how everything plays out. April 2016. Clone Club. Watch out…. everything goes A wired.

Stay tuned.


Clone club fan and constant purchaser,

SJ aka SJRepsU


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