TV Overview: The X-Files

So my longest favourite television show returned this year with six episodes. It brought back so many memories for me and even though I know it will be a short lived season. We see the return of Agents Mulder and Skully. It’s like where they left off with the paranormal growing in a different direction then their previous 9 Seasons.

We see and live through the paranormal experience and lives but we see them grow and their regrets of keeping their son safe. We also see within the series recently in Episode 3 a comedic sense of it. Both Agents Mulder and Skully contribute in this fact. We also see how sexy Skully can be. We also play Director Skinner make an appearance and now we see a ally in him then before. He used to be a optimistic character and not knowing what side he was on. We learn he believes more than ever.

With three more episodes to go we realize that although this is short lived. We are learning that the “Truth Is Out There” still with a bit of middle aged skepticism of Agent Mulder with Skully believing that these cases are still worth believing and fighting for. We see that with three episodes left we are left to wonder what is next to come and which story lines that Chris Carter, James Wong and Glenn Morgan will leave us with compared to the nine season they ended in 2002. Questions for me as a long dedicated fan, what is next. Where do we end?

How I would feel completely and the rumours that Chris said that there was a possible movie or a legitimate continuations of the series. So we will see in the last three episodes where it may go.

The X-Files will continue on and keep interest with old fans and new fans alike. We will see how things will become what they are and leave us interest.



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