V Morgan Is Dead Review – Episode 15/16

Episodes 15 & 16 is now showing the return of how V is seeing herself in her close friends, her mentor and her new assignment. It seems that she is maturing to understanding her assignments and what it takes to stay as a fixer. Her maturity is because of her growth to Andrew, her mentor who is helping her with her new world to be a fixer. She is progressing to be a great person and a fixer. However we are seeing that Rouge agent causing dilemma in her progression to finish this assignment with him bringing to her apartment. With family in her way and the progression and seems to have a dilemma of what she may has to finish. Is he evil and trying to derail her life. We are going to have to wait until this Thursday to see.

Besides that let’s talk about Jenna and seeing her time as a fixer and the arm tattoos describes her role as a fixer and a boss of some sort. Can I say that her story line is interesting and her mystery story line intrigues me to her pessimism V completing her assignments for Benson. I can understand why because she has lived and died harder than previous fixers and that is why Benson appreciates her opinion. She knows what she is talking about through her experience. Even though she’s a mystery character. We even see Andrew give her respect to her ability and why she is nosey what is happening in and around not only on the sixth floor but more than she’s letting on. So I am interested in knowing more about her character, just as much as Andrew’s story line. I like to see the intricate interactions between all of them V, Benson, Jenna and Andrew before the end of the series. So I can’t wait to see what happens next.

It’s going to get interesting to guess what happens next and let’s say I have alot of theories if possibilities.


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