TV Overview: X Company

If you aren’t watching X Company then you are missing out a lot series wise. This is one the shows that you’re probably not aware of that has a devoted fan base. This show is not like any history show that is just made up but is based on real fact. Some of the characters are based in truth and based on historical facts. With the success of Flash Point directors Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern at the helm we see a real life story of spies who shaped not only Canadian history of spying but shaped the history of spies and espionage in Europe and the United States. Last season the series introduced us to five real life spies (actually six) where one supposedly died. But that story line brings in a non-spy named Alfred who remembers a lot. It shows the world of history that we weren’t aware of in our society. SEASON ONE SPOILER ALERT: We see that these five spies with their recruit Sinclaire this was their first mission and the Nazi’s aware of the spies. We learn that they have to keep safe and report through Morse Code back to the warehouse. There is a lot of drama, death and action with a dialogue. At the end of the season: we see Aurora not being able to shoot Alfred and by not doing so has him captured by the Nazi’s for interrogation in a cell. That’s where we left of.

This season so far has been more dramatic and actioned pack with surprises than ever. We found out who we thought was dead could be possibly alive. Alfred escapes and the German soldiers are ambushed. Things get more complicated from there and we learn that there are spies amongst spies and espionage working secretly by identity switches and back stabbers. We see the trying times of who we thought the character are and the development through their story lines of a human side and safe side. We see the group reunite with some shock and their leader trying to save themselves of the team of spies who have been compromised, now they try to repair what time was lost. Then we realize that the team could be possibly safe but now it’s complicated with their lives at stake and their identities revealed. We don’t know what will happen next to the team with them being compromised. We will have to figure out what is next for this team on the run and their leader out in the field of what happens to them

TUNE IN WEDNESDAY at 9PM (EST) on CBC or where you can watch it.


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