V Morgan Is Dead Episode 17: Where There’s A Will

I say that this episode should be called The V Morgan Family History.

This story line changes completely what we think we know about Violet’s family. Will brings home Mr. Morgan who we learn that he was a fixer himself for Mr. Benson. He completed over 100 assignments and we learn that his memory gets wiped as his retirement for being a fixer. But we learn that Will tells V that he sacrificed himself as a fixer to be back with his family like nothing ever happened. Will tells V and we learned that possibly that is why she may have been chosen.

V has a dilemma on her hands now. Now that she knows her father was a fixer himself. We now know that the sixth floor is going to be on hiatus for a bit. It seems that V’s father is remembering when he shouldn’t. It looks like Will is helping him and because of that there is a breach so Andrew tells V and this is where we leave the episode hanging.

I feel like the previews we have seen, with the breach of her father being a previous fixer for Benson, this complicates something I saw in the previews that has to do with V passed out in the elevator. I wonder what it means.

I believe the next few episodes which is on hiatus until February 25th will show happens to the story wise to what happens to V as her continue quest as a fixer and her father who remembers what his previous life was before they erased his memory. I feel like having the Morgan family in the same room will show that her brother is in trouble and V will have to figure out a way to figure out the security breach at a costs. Who knows what Will will have in store for Mr. Morgans dad now that he is helping him remember his past and make sense of it all.

It looks like there will be a sacrifice to the Morgan family story line of complications. What will happen knowing that V’s dad was a fixer and was he possibly sent back to save his son. What will happen to V’s contract. What will happen now that Will knows more as a rouge agent of previously being a fixer and what can Andrew do to control the situation?

The other question is where will the story line of Benson and Jenna trickle into this. So many answers to be figured out since now everyone knows that Mr. Morgan’s memory is coming back. I feel it’s going to be sacrifice and chaos.


I feel like the writer’s have something else bigger in store for us in the time line now what we know of V’s world possibly crashing around her. Would this complicate her saving her new assignment now that she has to deal with her family that is in town and knowing the history. We will see the darker side of the series V Morgan transform into something different and eccentric.


I love this story of dark things to endless possibilities and I cannot wait to see what happens with everything related to the story of death and saving by fixing people.

But the question is: can she save her self? or does she need saving?

I cannot wait to see what happens when it returns February 25th.


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