Insides (Souls)

I feel like my insides are reaching out for more
Your soul reaches in me more
In my emotional and physical realm
Like never before
You test my internal and external parts of me
I was able to feel like I am in control
But now I feel like you’re controlling me
In the best way I never knew possible
I feel fragile and alive
The naughty student is ready to learn
And take a back seat to be taught
Things I never knew could happen
I feel interlocked with you
Internally and externally
I want more
Until I’m extremely exhausted like I’ve never been before

I feel helpless and turned inside out
In great ways of highs I’ve never felt.

The pleasures you give me visually is really hard
To let go
The touches and feelings give me
Something when you share your shades
Of provocativeness keeps me
Wanting it more
Like a child playing and eating with candy and wanting it all
Because of that
Eagerness and anticipation
Of wanting more.

I want to hold onto you tightly
Like cuddling before more rounds
Your insightful and older challenge
To me makes me a old soul
In a younger body
Hunger more and more
Until I can’t feel anything anymore
Because you know what you do
Gives me insight of things I yet have to
Learn in this world
Emotionally, Spiritually and Internally
Until I know I live it all
Through you
You’re guiding me
To be a wiser person
And understand the possibilities
Of growth and experiences
I yet have to understand.

Through you I feel like I gain
A challenge and understanding
Of the wisdom I’ve been seeking
Plus being able to keep up
With me is a extra bonus
Of risk and takes you
Can give back to me
Is what I have
Been searching and seeking for.

With your heart and soul
I’m yours and your mine
Without jealousy (I Hope)


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