Rated X: Orphan Black Erotic Fan – Sarah, Cal and Cosima (Part 1)


It was a stormy night as the rain comes down heavily in the City of Toronto and Cosima was travelling with Sarah and Cal back to the house they shared in the outskirts of Toronto where people aren’t familiar with. Luckily Mrs. S. let Kira and Felix stay over for a few weeks there just to keep Kira from danger.

As the drive home gets rougher back to that area. We see Cosima cry because she doesn’t know the fate of Delphine if she’s dead or alive. Cal looks at Sarah as they hold hands before arriving to their destination. Sarah and Cal provide booze because of the craziness that has been going on with the whole clone situation. It had been a long time since Cal and Sarah have been together in a room because Sarah had been through so much learning about her Sestra’s.

After a long drive from the East side of the city. They arrive home. Cal parks the car in the secret garage. After that occurs Sarah grabs the two bottles of Jack Daniels, a bottle of Merlot, and a 12 pack. Sarah, Cal and Cosima get out of the car. They enter the premises of the joint loft that Sarah and Cal share. They open the door and settle in. After doing so, Sarah pours three cups for Cal, Cosima and herself to prepare for a long night ahead of drinking.

Sarah and Cal can handle the intensity of the Jack Daniels. At first Cosima seems hesitant to try it but she can’t help it because she feels like she’s losing her world. Sarah convinces her to drink up because she knows that Cosima is going through a lot. She just fought her illness and survived. But Sarah learns through Cosima that her love interest Delphine has been shot and she feels like shit. They talk for a little bit and go through a bottle of Jack Daniels. They feel a little bit queazy like they are on a high trip. It feels like a knife can cut tension in the room. Every one looks at each other and you can feel a real sexual tension like they want to fuck each other dry.

Cosima looks at Sarah and Cal differently has her stash of weed. She smokes it and feels like she’s tripping high. She sees Sarah jump on Cal and aggressively kissing him passionately like a animal. She takes off his shirt and Cal takes off hers. Then pants comes off until they are almost totally nude. It moves from where they were drinking on the table to the couch and then the bed on the side. Cosima feels a bit stoned but looks at Sarah passionately because Cosima has never seen Sarah naked or even Cal for that matter. She thinks damn for two people that don’t work out often she gets attracted to Sarah’s ass. She gets turned on after Cal and Sarah are totally nude. Sarah is a bit hammered and has been fore playing with Cal for about two hours. The build kicks in and then Sarah and Cal fuck each other like they haven’t fucked hard before for many hours non stop.

Cosima gets turned on by the wild sex that is happening in the corner and not caring that she is high and hammered herself. She goes over the bed and grabs Sarah’s ass. Sarah forgets that Cosima is there and almost gets aggressively physical with her but she realizes it is Cosima who touches her ass. Being hammered and all. Cosima pulls Sarah off of Cal and kisses her. She is enamoured by Sarah’s fit body and kisses Sarah passionately. Sarah was taken off guard for a bit because she never had been with another woman before but Sarah doesn’t seem to care. She lets Cosima kiss her and work her way through Sarah’s body. Sarah even though a bit hammered feels so sensual to her Sestra that she lets Cosima take control. Sarah has never felt a feeling like this before but she didn’t want it stop although she felt like it was wrong, she couldn’t help herself with the way that Cosima was feeling her deeply and passionately. It felt sensual and a bit intriguing. Cal watches on in the bed as he gives his body a rest.

Cosima carries Sarah to the couch and plays with Sarah’s hair, then her breast, then kisses her stomach. Teases her in between her legs and makes her way back to Sarah’s mouth by kissing her passionately. Sarah kisses Cosima back passionately as well because she feels sparks and tingling sensation with Cosima. Cosima runs her fingers down through Sarah’s body teasing her, grabbing her ass and slowly plays with Sarah’s vagina by slowly rubbing it. Sarah gets turned on by Cosima’s gentle touch and has a bit of a orgasm. Cosima is surprised that even though Sarah hasn’t been with a woman before it didn’t show. She was surprised that Sarah wasn’t hesitant to have her clone mess with her like that. But Sarah was feeling high and loving every moment of it. She wasn’t expecting it. Sarah was now the bottom and Cosima was taking control of the situation on the couch.

Cosima grabs Sarah’s arms and holds it down while she plays with her clones breast and stomach, then between her legs. She feels Sarah tremble with pleasure and Sarah feels like she is losing control of herself with these deep caresses. Cosima after kissing gently Sarah’s legs and inner thighs she slowly licks Sarah’s vagina. Sarah has quite a few orgasms that night as the intensity of Sarah’s and Cosima’s sexual love fest moves from the couch to upstairs bedroom. Cosima is surprised that Sarah know what to do even though she isn’t a lesbian. Sarah plays with Cosima and licks every part of Cosima like a dirty cat. It goes on all night. Hours get lost in the moments as Sarah and Cosima play with each other which seems like days.

A bottle of Jack’s gets opened courtesy of Cal, as he goes upstairs and watches Sarah’s first lesbian experience and he gets turned on that his lady knew what to do with Cosima and there was a lot of fingers and licking going on that night.

So much orgasms until complete tiredness until Sarah and Cosima take a break from being two pussy cat animals when….

To be continued….. 


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