These feelings and touches
Become intense and all
I sensed you from a far.

I close my eyes and I feel the pressure
Of your body and your hands on mine
Body and soul
Like you are internally in me
I feel all your caresses and touches
Pleasing my senses
To the highest peaks
Like I’ve gone through ecstasy
And I am releasing all the pressures
That I’ve been building up for the
Longest time releasing
It in your hands, mouth and all over
Where foreplay and sex occurs until
I can’t give out no more
I feel the pressures of
Ecstasy get me tired.

For the first time in a long time
I feel like my soul feels free
With the passion
Of exhaustion and the pleasure
You’ve given to me helped
Me relieve of non-pleasures
I haven’t experienced in a real long time
Come to life
Right here for hours that
Feels like days we expressed of
Longing released in those moments.

Later in hours we continue on
To keep on going until
You we can’t any more
By cuddling in each other’s
Arms sweaty and high.

We then take it easy finally
Until we get a chance to
Feel free back in each other’s arms
Again when we see and
The esctasy of our bodies intertwine
Again but go longer
And we lay sloppy beside each other.

Then the next time keeps getting better
Through exhaustion moments of
Different pleasures we didn’t know
We are both capable of.

It becomes so pleasure and soreness
Takes over
Although we want to give in but can’t.

The moans and intensity gets more
And more intense because we try
Hard to see what we’re both of capable
Of until unknown flexabilities we can’t Accomplish
That high those days

Hands, body parts and mouths
Do the work.
Moans and screams of pleasures
Continue on forever throughout the

Until next time where bodies
Feel like we are urging
Until it can’t be done
Until next time
We meet once again.


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