V Morgan Is Dead: “Erase Me”

Well this is almost at the end of the web series for V Morgan Is Dead. We see our main character V get caught by Jenna and we notice that David protects her. Funny how the most ruled character in the story line ends up saving her so that Benson won’t “erase” her. She becomes our anti-hero to not get everyone in trouble from David, Will, V and even Andrew. She seems to be the great fixer of the story line in the end of it all.

V’s moments become clearer in terms of story line now  and she is saved. I wonder though now that she knows that her father is a fixer and he remembers that he is. Their conversation is awesome to know that he is aware of her situation. However I want to know if that secrecy of trust will stay with everyone.

As the possible ending we may see David betray everyone and sell them out as the last episode to the series. So V may be hurt and cause a HUGE ripple effect in the time line with someone or may be multiple people being sacrificed in the rift of the living and the dead living amongst the living.

So depending on how this may end. Who will sell out who. It all depends at the end of this series we may get the ultimate betrayal of trust of who the real villain is and who is the real heroes of this story.


I am completely not ready for the send off at this point because I feel I may have more answers in the completion of the last episode but at least we know it will be sent off with a high of what it means to be a fixer in everyone’s terms….


As a complete send off note here after the 20th episode airs….

….I would like to thank though as a send off note and appreciation to everyone at Smokebomb Entertainment, Shaftsbury, Shift 2, Kinda TV (formerly Verve Girl TV) and all the cast and crew for appreciating my blog posts for every episode live streamed or written. I super appreciate it and cannot wait to fit in more time to see what Kinda TV and Natasha have in store series wise. Until then.

See you in the future and around. SJ


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