V Morgan Is Dead : Night Errors

This episode to me has to be the most crossed over on the decisions V has to make to get answers. She’s now sacrificed her time to being a fixer to hack into the main frame illegally with Will helping them trying to get answers as Andrew watches on with them to get something concrete. However it may cost V some problems because she snoops around.

V sacrifices herself to find the answers she’s searching for when the suggestion of going to Benson’s office to find out things lands her in trouble when David catches her and all she can do is try to wiggle her way out by trying to be intimate with David, head of security. She’s trying not to be conspicuous by her actions and we leave off with that scene.

I hope before the series ends we will get answers about the truth of everything V wants to know why Benson picks her and the connection of what is the real agenda of her mission.

This episode gets deep and gritty of the depth of lines you cross when you want to know the bigger role in your part of an organization like being a fixer and with about a episode or two left we leave with a gritty conclusion before it completely finishes.


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