Chocolate and intimacy

As I sit here having this chocolate,
I can’t help but think of you and
Wishing you were here
Giving me a hand of intimacy
Right now because i just want to rip you
Into shreds
I want to feel everything
About you
I want you to relive
All this built up emotion
In me to share with you.

You’re not here
And feels lonely
For a bit
This empty feeling
Of all this passion
Has gotten no where
And I feel the desperation
Of needing you beside me
Isn’t helping me.

I need the persistence
Of your kisses
And your hands
Feeling everything
I’ve been missing
To be shared.

This chocolate of intimacy
Is not helping me to release
What’s been deeply
Ready to play out on you,
Your love and devotion
Played out
In this place that

World’s of escapisms can occur
For these nights are called for.


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