I love the pressures of your body
Against mine.

I like that you’re being pleased
But I’m looking for more
Than I can ask for.

I’m here to pleased so you can
Let go of your inhibitions
For the days while
I spoil you

Because that’s what I’m here to do
I hope that I get the satisfaction
To be pushed over my limits
Over my thresholds
Until exhaustion completely
Sets in and I want everything
So tired that I can no longer move

I want to be pushed
So hard that moving isn’t possible
I want to feel the flesh of
My exterior and interior parts of
My soul and body feels
Like it’s high from a huge cloud nine
Like a pain of pleasure
Runs through highly
Until it’s ready to give in.

The feeling of threshold
Has given my body
And Invision of testing
And treating you alive
Gives me the hunger
And stride of energy
To keep me alive
And to pleasure share
With you all.

That is the satisfaction
I seek and share
With your heart and soul
Exteriorly and internally
With the nights and days
Given to the time we seek
To share the intertwined
Thought process that can be taught
To one another.

We want to satisfy each other like
We’ve never done before.


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