V Morgan Is Dead Episode 20

The End of The Beginning

We see the protagonist V have to go on a mission for her redemption and her place of how to fit herself as an fixer and a hero to death. We learn that none can either be done and now has to make a choice to continue as a fixer.

She has to learn how to save not just herself but her family. She has help with Jenna, Will, David and Andrew in her midst. As Will leaves the room she ask for Andrew and Jenna for her opinion with out Benson around.

She gives a ultimatum to Jenna and she can’t undo what V wants. Which makes her go on the run. She now decides to go on the run and is desperately trying to figure out how she wants to live.

As the end of the balance of she decides to go rouge in the same way Will got tired of the system in order to keep everyone safe the way she believes the way she knows best.

She wants to learn from Will and this is where we see V ends.

Her struggle on wants to be as a person within life and death.


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