Orphan Black (The Fans Perspective PT. 1 – List)


So in order to prepare yourself for this fourth season of this show here are  reasons why you should tune in to this series.

– You haven’t seen a TV show with multiple Clones in one scene, let alone in a episode. Sure you’ve seen two and that’s about it. You may have seen multiple similar Clones of the same person in The Matrix courtesy of the Cohen Brothers but they all look the same and that was a movie not a show!

– Tatiana Maslany technical work on the show of being a multitude of Clones looking like the same person with different hair styles, accents and personalities on their own. Shout out goes to Kathryn Alexandre, her co-stars and tennis balls for being a TREMENDOUS help to be brilliant

– Creators John Fawcett & Graeme Manson for coming up with the ideas to have this show in its existence

– Executives Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier for being the executive brains of this show besides the creators that make this show possible.

– Temple Street, Boat Rocker, Space  Channel & Bell Media for the distribution of this amazing show around for 5 seasons! More Clones, more danger, more suspense, more comedy, more action which makes this show really work.

– The amazing talent of hair, acting coaches and make up that make Tatiana Maslany special in every scene as being the multitude of Clones she has to be for her to be in that moment and zone

– Her amazing cast mates past and present: Jordan, Dylan, Kevin, Kristian, Kathryn, Josh, Ari, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Evelyne Brochu, Micheal Mando and the special guest/extra’s that had and have gotten to work with Tatiana over three seasons make this show EXCEPTIONAL!!!!

– CLONE CLUB has been exceptional and dedicated to her work. Her fan base world wide has grown from 3 Seasons into its fourth and ending fifth season. The dedication of art work, fan fiction, Cosplayers and bloggers/reviewers although can be creepy sometimes but not all of the fans has put our show on a HUGE radar locally and internationally!

– Award nominations and wins plus loses has the attention of just about everyone. This has been a interesting year for all the cast, fans and reviewers alike on major news channels and various entertainment shows about the dedication of our shows.

– After The Black on Space has given spoilers internationally now when we in Canada have been spoiled for three seasons!!!!

So if this hasn’t given you enough reason to watch this then that that’s your own opinion.

But if you have not seen it yet, I hope this gives you one interesting reason why you should start right about NOW!!!!!


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