Episode 1 The Collapse of Nature


This is the great beginning to an episode where Beth’s story line of how it began. It has been the strongest beginning episodes to view for Season 4. This episode gives the best of what makes Season 1 and the love for how Clone Club started for all of us.

We learn Beth’s back story and how all the Clones got to know each other, courtesy of a new called M.K.

We learn that Paul and Beth were having marital problems and she was spying on him. She learned that Paul is her monitor and possibly trying to shoot him.

She is the story line to connect to the past clones and Sarah. After we see Beth’s exit in the end of learning who Beth is before Season 1, Episode 1 and Sarah assuming her identity. We learn some what of her connection to how we’ve known to the clones now.

Poor M.K. sad as Beth leaves her behind and decides to suicide in front of the train of Season 1. We see her unraveling in front of us to understand what we may know of her and her connection in future episodes.

Beth is a travesty of a complex character we still have to learn for this season. We’ve only scratched the surface of this Season.

Overall out of 10; 10/10 a perfect score.


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