Night thoughts

Some Sexual Content Contained

Late night touches and caresses
Till my mind tonight
The thoughts of you
Fill the voids of the rest of my thoughts
And drown out the rest of the ideas
The supposedly take over

All I can hear are the sounds
Of passionate hours of love making
And the way you feel
The way you smell
The way you touch
The way you make me
Feel in me
Make me feel alive
And tired all at the same time
It’s hard to sleep right
But resting next to you
Makes it feel intense
Makes me feel things
That I haven’t before
For you, I surrender comfort
For unknown ways
That make it feel at home.

I love the surrendering of
My mind, body and soul to you
Because I know you know
How to truly make me
Whole and complete

When you’re with me and in me
You invade my thoughts and
Parts of me
Like I’ve never experienced
Ever before.

Everything seems so intense
And intensified
That I enjoy you
Breaking my spirit
Of familiarity
Into something different
And something new

Because of you
Know me oh so well
That my insides
Feel the yearning for more
Like I’ve never expected before
Like I’m suffocating in high pleasure
In real and intense ways
Before with anyone else.

You make me feel naughty
Yet decent
You make me feel gullible
And laugh so hard
That being around you
Makes me whole in
Every single way.


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