Almost Adults: After The Blog Post Events

I was excited to pick this event for the movie. I had a plan. I had to debate whether to go to two events. I’m glad I picked this one because of the people who would be here. Plus a few surprises.

As I pass by three hours prior, I arrive downtown and decided to get snacks to eat before going to TIFF and lining up for the rush line. I just chilled for a bit and then just sat down for a couple of hours hoping to get a ticket. As I waited I read my 5th Edition of Orphan Black’s Helsinki Comic then write in my X Company binder for my future book.

I decided to wait it out to hope to get tickets to the movie at a rush line, which paid off.

I missed the whole amazing red carpet stars of Elise, Winnie and Justin by them jumping up on the carpet.

However when I got a chance to see Winnie, I was proud to have our rush line person hold it for us and being able to tap Winnie on the shoulder and get a big hug from her was AMAZING!!!! I super appreciated it and was greatful to talk to her briefly and say “hello” and “how are you” amongst saying “it is a honor to finally to meet you”. She also said thanks for the support for watching Bath time Tuesday. Then I said some other positive things but couldn’t stay long in fears we wouldn’t get tickets. So I ran back with our other rushed ticket line up people.

Still waiting for the rush line for 5 & 1/2 almost 6 hours to show time we got tickets and none of us couldn’t be happier to get in. As we went upstairs I wanted to talk more to Winnie and Elise but Justin being super sweet, I got a bit distracted by our big hug and conversation. I saw Winnie and I wanted a pic but the ticket lady was rushing everyone in. I said ” Hello” to Elise and I wanted her and Winnie to sign my hat again but we were rushed.

That irked me a bit because I wanted to say more but felt a bit rushed by it all. I tried to get in after the movie ended but the crowd was too much to try to see Winnie. I however got to see Justine, which I was surprised and even Gwenlyn there. It was a nice surprise to see them there and getting my Creampuffs hat signed by alot of them, was super awesome. Pujaa Pandey and Stephanie Oukanie.

Although I had a brain fart with Gwenlyn just calling Dorthy because I told her. That picture that you see on my Instagram with Gwenlyn we say Dorothy out loud in that freeze mode.

I am proud that I got to hug and hand shake a lot of known LGBT community members. Sarah Rotella, Adrianna, Justine, Elise, Gwenlyn, Steph, Justin, Winnie, Pujaa Pandey, all the Creampuffs; along side Drew Hewitt and other Carmilla / Orphan Black fans in the rush line. I enjoyed seeing everyone and being on the red carpet.

Thanks for the quick talks, hugs and love. See you all Creampuffs for Season 3 of Carmilla. I wish it would of been longer. I wish I saw Ellevan myself. I hope to catch you all next time.

Thanks for this great movie that Sarah and Adrianna created with Rebecca Swift. Plus all the cast and crew of this great movie. If there is another after party, I’m hopefully going to be there and get a pic with everyone.

This was another awesome event at TIFF Lightbox!

Hope to see you all in the future as AJ Fry from InnerSpace on the Space Channel!


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