The feelings beneath me

I feel like the world is beneath me
All the passion that comes out of
This body has intensified out
From you
In me, out of me
Your passion caresses
My body, mind and soul
I feel we connect by pushing ourselves
By the definition of how to
Push harder
Intertwining our bodies
Into one.

A submergence of what it takes
Your push and drives
Hungers for more
Almost throws me
Into a wave after wave
Of a hungry addiction and
Drive that brings me
To a higher standard I never
Had before.

Your release and my stamina
Makes me continuously
Feeds into the drive
Of each other
And makes me
Exhausted and alive
All at one time
Like no other has done before.

I feel like you in me
Makes me stable and
Wiser and more actionable
To the wishes of how to
Get on a high
With no drugs or alcohol
Your body is my push
And drive to be kicked alive
And driven like a student
But can also be a teacher
Of what a sex drive can
Be mastered
Until exhaustion and
The world of ecstasy
Is your private parts into mine
For many hours at a time.


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