Inhuman Condition – SPOILER ALERT

             The first eight episodes!      

We begin the first eight episodes with three patients Tamar, Clara and Linc where they go to a therapist Dr. Kessler. Their origins are being told through Dr. Kessler whom is trying to bring humans and supernatural beings together. The process of their stories are being told through their eyes and what they are bringing to Dr. Kessler and seeing what the therapist could help to fix their issues of trying to fit into human society. Each has a story to be told and the shift of their past progressions to their current state shows a progress.

Not in its entirety but a rewind of a somewhat state of progression of their past to their current timelines and what future they may hold later on.

The first eight episodes are the start of what has caught my attention and the cast which features Tori Higgison is a extra bonus.

What we get to see is if supernatural beings were in therapy. We can understand if supernatural beings who are in human state shows that supernatural people are humans too and they don’t all want blood shed or violence but we see the calm and control they emit to live in a world that is volatile.

This is worth a watch from what TV portrays of all supernatural individuals are well known through a web series in a short format that is gripping and compelling!


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