I feel your hands
Running through my body
Running through my hair
Through my hands
As your gentle hands
Give me a slow
Than progressive
Fast caress
Then mild caress
Through that sensitive sweet spot
Where hunger for sex happens
Where orgasms
And the love to release occurs.

Intensity occurs through the process
Of pain and pleasure meets
Like heat waves of oceans
Break cycles and enjoyment
Happen to the hands in different places
And different spots happens
Of happy releases and sweat
Run down from the enjoyment
Of each others company
And need to want the additions
Happen to feel everything
Of highs
When we please
Each other’s bodies intertwine
It feels like a wonderful sight
To feel free of all inhibitors
Of our daily lives.

Calling on for more
Constantly like there is no way to
Escape the freedom of sex,
Foreplay occurs
Between human beings.

To formulate a formula of constant
Wanting it
Like an addiction you don’t want to get
Away from.


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