Why I Won’t Be Pokémon Going

Okay, every body. So while most of you are up for the Pokémon craze. I won’t be.

I will tell you the many reasons I won’t be part of it at all.

• Let’s see getting into multiple accidents and even dying while playing it isn’t worth it on my account because you aren’t watching where you are going is crazy. It’s a safety hazard!!!!

• Draining your battery to catch them all is a waste of time and energy to your phone battery.

• Like I need another game app to distract me already. I haven’t had a chance to play all them Facebook games I have sitting there on my account forever I am expert but don’t care so much about these days. So I won’t let Pokémon GO be an addition to that problem.

• I’m rather be writing, reviewing revising, filming and editing work I  haven’t even completed yet. I’m so backlogged I have to watch the episodes first because I know in order to be in the arts industry you have to continue creating and putting yourself out there because there’s always a interest in everything you do. I know I’m backlogged with writing and I find that useful by using my creating mind. Reading and writing is always fundamental; no matter what age you are. Plus, you never know whose attention you may get or have watching you.

• Just like gaming apps, there’s always an app for everything, so if you’re battery isn’t drained enough already, this is just another reason to have another addiction on top of another addiction. You can never escape it no matter how you don’t want to look at it.

• We’re robots to technology and it’s hard to escape it but if this craze will stick with you, all the more reason to be  looking down on your phone not paying attention to where you are looking.

In retrospect I would look to do a Pokémon no go filming with voice over video blog to show what kind of dangerous situations you can get yourself into and I would find it hilarious although it shouldn’t be what happens when you are trying to “catch them all”.

  Don’t get me wrong I love Pokémon as a series but this game addition is just like any other one. A distraction from what is going on around you. Sure you are outside and walking around in the fresh air, I’m not disagreeing with that but you are putting yourself in danger and it’s already happened where you get injured mixing reality with fantasy in real time landscapes that may not be safe to actually be around in.

   So I won’t Pokémon and GO because I need to put my phone down, unplug and look around me. I constantly create, watch, edit, read and write, that is enough for me already. I don’t need this to be a way to be lazy by continuously looking at my phone. I have social media to give that to me already.


One thought on “Why I Won’t Be Pokémon Going

  1. Chris Knapp says:

    I agree with you 100% percent, SJ. This Pokemon craze is ridiculous. A few days back, I was riding back home with my sister after an enjoyable, long over due, dinner out. We both counted at least three dozen people, in various group, gambling about with there phones out. I know most of them were using the Pokemon Go app. It’s insanity. I have absolutely no interest in getting involved with it.

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