Vintage Writing: Greatful Love (You Make Me Whole)

Formerly posted and spoken on The Love Zone on Flow 93.5

Your love is like a
Unexplainable energy
That I can’t deny
And hide my feelings
Towards you but emotionally shy
To Tell you I write this rhyme
Because you bring out
The hidden side of me
That I try to bury hidden in me
Is a great feeling of sensual emotion
The many things I love about you
Because without you I wouldn’t
Know what to do like a missing
Piece to make me the individual
Person I am today as a
Expressionist of complete
Emotion today you make me whole
Because I would feel empty
Of emotional rhymes without your help
You are that missing page I’ve been

Searching for a secret admiration/crush
To fill the denial part of me
And I’m grateful for you always and forever


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