Coming back to Instagram: Why it was worth it to return

A couple of years ago when I had a Instagram account. I didn’t care too much for it and got tired of it because I thought no one cared.

However I decided to return to the Gram and I am glad to come back because better than ever it has helped me to get some notarity through pics and videos which is Instant and I don’t have to worry about the slow build to get people watching like my YouTube channels. Which in fact I have roughly have five and a few of them I don’t remember the passwords for.

I am proud to have return because I have some real interest of people following me and liking what I put on the Gram. Even if it’s random fashion bloggers, travel people and industry fashionites + social media peeps I am super proud so far on my Instagram journey and revamp return.

Thank you for the followers and those who take interest.

I appreciate it and hope to get continuous support.

Keep up because my Instagram account mixes two of my personalities of my Twitter handles @sjrepsu and @casperajane all in one.

Follow my Instagram account @casperajane and hope to see you there.


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