Silence (shut eyes)

I sit here in this room silently

With the thoughts in my head

The tears falling down my face

The rest I needed to have for roughly 

Two days.

The silence makes me think 

Where I possibly could be 

And the reliance I needed has me sank.

From the distance online

I got some help on my next move

Of what I have to do best

Stand up and be strong 

Even if it pains me to here the voices 

I locked up ages ago 

Come back to haunt me

They make me think.

They scream in agony to keep me asleep,

Make me rest 

Drown out the reliability I once had

In others I trust make me leave 

And those from a distance

Become my voice of reason

To whom I should becoming.

Those people whom I thought 

Were distant and silent

Or not as reliable have become

The saving grace on whom I 

Can help me out to guide me 

And are the most reliable sources

I can rely on.

Thank you and I don’t cry often

But you are the kindest strangers 

That can help me be ME

When I ran away those demons 

And ignorance are now coming back

To having a reason to get myself


Swallow my pride and it is time

To walk on by.


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