Personal Comfort 

I have been sensored and warned about my post on social media. The truth is I have never regretted one post. Not at all. But to unfortunate circumstances. I have to go back to a big of a hole. I have been to take a leave of absence for a bit and “excuse” myself from the world that has helped me over come who I am as a person. 

  I have taken a long hiatus from any writing of reviews or write any thing personal because it is deemed to sacred to share my feelings.

    I feel a bit lost on being me so public on my feelings and it feels like I am dealing with a void. So I decided to lock some of my accounts down for the sake of criticism and more censorship issues. 

  Honestly, I am not fine with this. But this is the pressure I have to deal with. I hope to find some way to talk to possibly a professional without the bias. It hurts my head dearly to lock myself away.

  God, I wish I didn’t have to do this. But I do.

  However I have no choice to take the time to give myself a break. I won’t be posting too much on personal aspects because it is deemed unprofessional and insane by the closest people to me.

   I may be taking a break from sharing too much with you all. It has been difficult to lock away my accounts and feelings away. 

I will be posting non related aspects of my life for now. Just in case I get warned again for safety purposes.


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